Oak and Willow

A Member Coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

We must become the unwavering tool -
a vessel of strength, and wise.
To be able to see beyond the veil
to the gold that lies inside.

No one can really show you
They only can advise
And hope you find the jewels within
the craft of the wise

So time may seem impossibly long
and faith a far off dream
But, work…pause and let it integrate
and then move ahead with full steam.

Patience is a virtue
that time must stretch to teach
That what we do not understand 
will come within our reach

For no external essence
truly can fulfill
the love that comes from within
and knowing your True Will.

Have faith! 

Enjoy a select writing from one of our members.  More available on our Tumblr.

Join Oak and Willow as we celebrate the fully enlivened Sun and the arrival of the Summer Solstice.  We will empower our inner will and listen to the words and will of the Land as we enjoy the full strength of summer.

Please gather at Ridley Creek State Park pavilion #11-B.

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Suggested donation: $15 to cover the costs of renting

Have faith?!

Patience is a virtue that
time must stretch to teach
That what we do not understand 
will come within our reach.

When we have the context,
layers set, the introspection much
Days and hours to ourselves 
are not on the Astral such.

“Have faith”, the wisest of them say
“Let go and do the work”
But, sometimes it seems daunting;
a lie perhaps…a joke?

Maybe others were born with gifts
that give them a hidden edge!
Maybe I am meant to peer in 
from the outside instead.

But, then I think to myself…
these people I have found!
These resources are falling in my path
faster than I can count.

And then I start to do the work.
Momentum starts to build.
Answers slowly reveal themselves
But, my questions and doubts a chasm fill.

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Mystery of the Sabbats
​Litha - 2016

​Sunday, June 12th - Gather at 2PM

We are a group of individuals who feel drawn to an earth-based spirituality who gather to celebrate the cycles of the moon and sun, passages of life and death and to work for positive change within our own lives as well as the lives of those around us. We strive to live in harmony with nature, and its cycles guided by the strength and enduring qualities of the Oak tree and the resilient, nurturing energies of the Willow.