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Mystery of the Sabbat Series

Two Samhains!

Audience with Odin

Sunday, November 1

Gather @ 5:00pm


The Eternal Web- An Audience with Cerridwen

Saturday, November 7

Gather @ 6:00pm

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​​​​Join our High Priestess in The Temple of the Cosmic Spheres


A blog exploring the planetary energies; offering ritual suggestions, astrology tips

and more. 

The Pagan Experience

We continue.... 

The Craft of the Wise 

A 4-Part Series of Teachings on the Pagan Path

 The Craft of the Wise: Part Three 
Living the Path
Sept. 15 – Oct. 20
6 wks   7:00-9:30pm

Topics will include:

  • Divination and Spell work
  • Personal Practice
  • The Magickal Self
  • The Greater Work Within Community
  • The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel: Its Vision and Structure
  • The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel: The Meaning of Initiation 

This series is recommended for those interested in membership in our sister coven in formation: 

​                                                                  Coven of the Mystic Path

​​Cornerstones of Magick

​Building A Temple of the Wise

Featured Course at A Witch's Sacred Journey Blog

This course is a second installment in continuing the basics of magick and spiritual practice. Lesson One began August 2015.....


                                           We are an AIR coven and we love to teach, learn and share                                         information.  These are some of our offerings:

We are a group of individuals who feel drawn to an earth-based spirituality who gather to celebrate the cycles of the moon and sun, passages of life and death and to work for positive change within our own lives as well as the lives of those around us. We strive to live in harmony with nature, and its cycles guided by the strength and enduring qualities of the Oak tree and the resilient, nurturing energies of the Willow.

Oak and Willow

A Member Coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

Online Learning is Here...

Teachings on the Path

A Space of Learning

New courses are added as they become available. These will include the audio recordings of the live sessions and downloadable PDF’s of the handouts for each class. The courses include a variety of topics that are intended to enrich your spiritual/magickal path and encourage you to reach a little more deeply into what you believe to be true.