A Member Coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

​Our Acting High Priest is Jon

Jon has been actively engaged in spiritual exploration his whole life.  His family had no formal spiritual practices but encouraged curiosity and openness to all experiences.  From a very young age Jon was instinctively drawn to the esoteric arts not knowing that this study had a formal name or path. He had a natural connection to nature and the elements and was receptive to the unique spiritual experiences one can find in the quiet appreciation of these forces. Driven by his curiosity, he attempted to examine and understand all aspects of any puzzle presented to him. This level of scrutiny supported his early personal spiritual experiences and propelled him on a journey to find out the meaning of life and the role of spirituality in it.

​Being adept in independent exploration Jon studied Egyptology, Greek Myth and Christian Esotericism at a very young age and was introduced to Shamanistic Dream Work, Meditation, and Native Traditions by his mother in his teens.   His exploration into the meaning of the spiritual nature has given him greater insight into general human psychology and the social order of the world and its inhabitants. His spiritual path is one that can best be described as being very eclectic and has touched on the interweaving of mundane topics and esoteric arts.

Jon began attending open events hosted by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel in 2007. Within the structure of the Tradition he has expanded his studies to include and participated in works of Alchemy, Mediumship, Psychometry, Tarot, Qabala, High Magick, Ritual Craft, Lunar and Solar Mysteries, Protective Magick and Initiatory Ritual. He has knowledge of various adjunct magickal arts and is working to formalize these in service to others.  Although his work has primarily been in the Western Magickal System his continued spiritual explorations have touched on Eastern Esotericism as well. 

Jon dedicated to Oak and Willow coven in January of 2008 and was Initiated as a 1st Degree of the ASW in August of 2011. Jon has assisted leadership as Acting High Priest since November of 2011 and runs a series of Friday evening magickal studies for our membereship.In his mundane pursuits, Jon founded a software development and IT consulting company in Wayne, PA in 2007.  He enjoys a busy and successful technology driven life.   

​Our Acting High Priestess is Anne

Anne has walked upon the crooked path for over two decades, and has been a member of OAW Coven since 2011.  Although her interests are many, she focuses the bulk of her energies on the study of magickal and medicinal herbalism, ancestor work and all of the esoteric disciplines that go along with it.

When not communing with the Spirits or singing to Plant Devas, Anne is kept happily distracted by the joys and challenges of family life, which include two grown children, two cats, two dogs and a marriage of 28 years.  

Our Leadership

Oak and Willow